Police: Burglary suspect used dog as weapon

A Daytona Beach police officer shot a dog after the officer said a burglary suspect unleashed the animal on the officer.  Residents along Spruce Street in Daytona Beach heard the two gun shots fired at the dog onTuesday morning.  

Police say Darryl Gurganious was trying to break into a home through an air conditioning unit.  The man who lives there called 911. An officer showed up.

"He observes somebody matching the suspect's description. He gets out by the suspect, contains him, the suspect begins to resist, fights with the officer, takes off running," explained Police Chief Craig Capri. 

Chief Capri said Gurganious untied a dog in the yard and let the dog charge at the officer.

"There's an 80-pound pitbull back there that's on a lead. A chain and a lead. It appears, according to what the officer said, the suspect was trying to release the pitbull on him. But the dogs on a runner -- a 20-foot runner. The dog came at the officer, and the officer tried to avoid him, he couldn't so he fired his weapon killing him unfortunately."

Police say Gurganious ran off again, but police caught him a few blocks away.