Playing matchmaker for lonely Lake Eola swan

Orlando residents are playing matchmaker for a lonely swan.

There are more than fifty of sleeping beauty swans at Lake Eola, but there’s only one named Queenie. Now, city officials are hoping to give her a fairytale ending.

A local resident, named Shawn Pennington, wanted to donate money to buy Queenie a friend. That’s because Queenie’s mate died a few years ago while eating popcorn.

“He choked on it, because you got to remember they can't chew,”said City Commissioner Patty Sheehan.

With a donation from that resident and Sheehan, the city is playing Cupid, paying $4,000 for male swans for Queenie.

“We could only find two, and they were two boys, and I thought, you know what? Queenie's been alone so long, she should have her choice.”

Swan lovers around the lake are hoping that bringing a few more swans here will mean a happily ever after for Queenie.

“Queenie getting new mates? Yeah, she deserves it,” said Eric Burch.

“I think that's so cute. Everyone needs a mate,” said Cassidy Hartson.

The city started a Swan-a-Thon fundraiser for people to donate to purchase more swans in the future.

“We’ve actually had interest before when the swans have been harmed,” said Sheehan. “I'm just so excited. I just hope she bonds with them. I'm like worried. I'm like what if she doesn't like them.”

But fingers crossed, Queenie will find her king and bring a whole lot of royal babies in this Lake Eola love story.