Plane passenger opens emergency exit for 'a breath of fresh air'

You’re not supposed to do that!

One Xiamen Airlines passenger recently delayed her flight’s departure by one hour when she opened the emergency exit door of the aircraft because she reportedly felt the cabin was “too stuffy” and wanted “a breath of fresh air.” Video footage of the unbelievable sight is said to have gone massively viral on social media in China.

On Sept. 23, the unnamed woman got hot towards the end of the boarding procedure for flight MF 8215, which was traveling from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport to the city of Lanzhou, the Daily Express reports.

Though the passenger had been warned by flight attendants not to touch the lever on the emergency exit near her seat, as per the Sun, she didn’t listen – and soon popped the door open.

Though the woman later justified her decision on the grounds that the cabin “got stuffy” and warranted “a breath of fresh air,” her illicit move delayed the plane’s takeoff by one hour. A second round of safety inspections had to be carried out, while airline officials had to safely close the door again, the Sun reported.

During that time, police were called and arrested the passenger at the scene for the offense, the Express reports.

According to the outlet, video footage of the surprising scene – starring the open plane door and confused passengers – has since gone massively viral on social media in China, racking up over 18 million views to date.

Moving forward, the South China Morning Post states that the woman will likely be smacked with a fine for her actions, as opening the emergency exit on a plane is classified as disturbing public order.

A spokesperson for Xiamen Airlines was not immediately available to offer further comment on the incident.

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