Plane down in Kissimmee, but no cars, people, or homes hit

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A Kissimmee road turned into a runway, as a plane smashed onto the street. Plane pieces scattered everywhere, but thankfully the pilot and passenger walked away without a scratch and without hitting any cars.

The Kissimmee Police Department has tweeted out that a plane is down on Martin Luther King BLVD. The crash occurred around 1:30 p.m. 

Fox 35 reporter Tiffany Teasley was on scene. A witness told her that "The plane started spinning out of the sky and then there was a car stopped and it went right over the car and crashed onto the floor.

The plane had just taken off from Kissimmee Gateway airport, which is just a mile away. 

The two men on board survived and were able to walk away from the crash with no injuries. No cars, people, or homes were hit either. 

Another witness spoke to Teasley, saying that "A lot of cars are always on this highway and my aunt said she was glad there wasn't no cars because it could have been real ugly out here."

Officials are still waiting on word from the NTSB on the exact reason why the plane went down. 

MLK BLVD was closed between Thacker Avenue and John Young Parkway due to the incident.  A portion of the road is still closed, as officials are trying to figure out how to remove the plane.