Lone cow goes for a dip through swamp at popular Florida airboat tour attraction

Florida native Cristian Collins wanted to show his friends from New York City the wildlife the Sunshine State has to offer. He took his friends on an airboat tour and what they saw when they arrived was quite shocking. 

Collins, a college student at Hillsborough Community College, said they arrived at the airboat tour at Lake Kissimmee at Camp Mack in Polk County. When they left the docks, the first thing they saw was a cow swimming and eating the grass. 

"Me, my friends, and the tourists were shocked, I never seen a cow alone swimming in [the] middle of the swamps, Collin said. "We took some pictures and continued on our boat trip."

Credit: Cristian Collins

The photo shows the cow submerged in the grassy swamp and swimming alone. 

Collins said the cow was still swimming when they returned following the boat tour. He also believes the cow's calf was nearby. 

"I think it was waiting for her mother to come back," Collins said.