Photo filters have some seeking plastic surgery

You can filter yourself any number of ways in Snapchat and Instagram pictures these days, but now doctors say some people are trying to filter their face in reality as well.

A New York cosmetic surgeon has been making headlines for coining the term “Snapchat Dysmorphia,” or an unrealistic view of a person’s self-image based upon filtered social media photos.

Some are actually trying to pursue that perfect, smoothed out look in real life that they’ve mastered online.

"I want to have smaller pour sizes cause in real life I have these pours and in these Instagram filters I don't,” said Dr. J Matthew Knight reciting one of the requests he’s heard at his Orlando dermatology office.

Dr. Knight said many patients have had to leave his and other cosmetic surgeons’ offices in disappointment after learning that their expectations simply aren’t possible or maybe aren’t safe to pursue.

"We just don't have the science or technology to do everything that a Snapchat filter can do,” said Knight.

Knight recommends people enjoy the look from their filters online, but learn to love their real life image as well.