Phone lines to election office cut day before Florida Primary

Phone lines to the Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office were cut just a day before the Florida Primary election as a result of AT&T construction happening along nearby Pennsylvania Streets.  Voters were unable to call the office directly and employees were unable to make or receive calls.

A poll worker told FOX 35 News that she came to the office to drop off her ballot after she didn’t get an answer when she called the office. 

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"I called this morning because I wanted to confirm as someone that received a ballot by mail, I wanted to confirm where I could go today to drop my ballot off," said Mitzi Maxwell. "I didn’t know what was happening with the phones, of course."

If you need to get in touch with the office, voters can still visit their website to check things like voter registration status, view a sample ballot, or find a polling place. You are also able to send the office an email through their "Contact Us" page.

We are still working to get a timeline from AT&T of when these phone lines could be back up and running.

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