People along the St. John's River brace for potential flooding as Dorian nears

People who live in Astor along the St. John's River are bracing for the potential of flooding because of Hurricane Dorian.

The area is under a flood warning. Lake County leaders say the river is already at minor flood stage and is expected to flood.

"It's going to be higher this year because our water levels are already higher this time around," Terry Angle of Astor said. "It's no big deal. I'm prepared. I'm not worried about it."

Astor flooded two years ago during Hurricane Irma.

The county is warning people who live in the community to be on the watch for flooding as Hurricane Dorian moves closer to Florida. However, some of the people we spoke with are not too worried about the river rising.

"I got boards up," Angle said. "I got everything picked up. Everything's done."

They have their homes prepared and have lifted their boats out of the water ahead of the storm. One lady FOX 35 met, who is a former trauma nurse, got extra supplies for her neighbors.

"I got supplies in case anyone needs water or food or anything and I just got medical supplies for accidents or if anyone gets hit with glass or anything like that," Anne Haragagy-Dixon of Astor said.

While some are confident, others, not so much. Lake County has set up six shelters for people who have evacuated. People started checking into them just hours after they opened.

"I listen to all you news people," Cynthia Chadwick of Eustis said. "I watch you all the time. I got the apps and I listen to everything you guys said and the storm freaked me out. It scared me."