Paying it Forward: Woman collecting gift cards to give to healthcare workers

With coronavirus cases spiking and hospitals packed with patients, many nurses are drained and at their breaking point.

"Not just working long hours but working long hours [and] dealing with people who are sick, who are dying, who are scared and who may never see their families again," Carla Cline said.

That is why Carla Cline took to Facebook to put out a call to action.

"I was out for a run and I thought 'what could I do that is positive?' and I thought, 'You know, if I could get gift cards for these nurses and thank you notes, then maybe they will have a moment where they will know that we care about them.'"

Carla is paying it forward by collecting $20 restaurant gift cards and notes for all 1,000 healthcare workers at AdventHealth Palm Coast Hospital.

"Go buy a gift card at your favorite restaurant, write a nice thank you note, deliver it to me and I will deliver them to the people at the hospital. It's super easy. You're supporting your favorite restaurant, you're helping the economy and you are giving someone a lift, a morale boost at a critical time when they really, really need it," Carla said.

The community of Flagler County really stepped up.

People have been flocking to Carla's store Flagler Surf Art and Stuff to drop off gift cards by the dozens.

She's already delivered 450 gift cards and thank you notes to the hospital.

She hopes to collect the rest of the cards and thank you notes by this weekend.

Her call to action is being heard all across Florida.

"I have a good friend and she is in Orlando and she says they are starting the same thing at their local hospital and in their neighborhood. And, I had someone tag me in a video from Brandon, Florida, and I didn't know them, and they are starting it at their local hospital," Carla said.

If you would like to donate a restaurant gift card, visit Carla Cline's Facebook page.