Paying it Forward: Orlando church gives $1,000 to mother and son in need

It all starts with a knock at the door and ends with a very special gift.

The Kingdom Church of Orlando is on a mission to pay it forward. They are giving away one-thousand dollars every week to a person in need. 

“We hope it creates a catalyst of generosity,” said Pastor David Jacques.

One of the lucky recipients is Diane Brown. She is a teacher who is raising her disabled son by herself, after his father passed away earlier this year. 

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“Daniel is my miracle. He is a gift from God,” said Brown. “He was born without a brain, just a brain stem.”

Doctors expected him to live only two hours and now he’s 34 years old.

“He was blind, deaf, they basically said he would be a vegetable,” said Brown. Her miracle baby inspired her to start a charity called "Daniel’s Gift," which feeds the homeless and helps children in need. 

But recently, Diane is the one in need of help and the Kingdom Church came calling at just the right time.

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"It blessed me to pay my bills this month so I am very thankful,” said Brown.

“We realized a lot of people in our contacts were struggling and we just wanted to make sure the Church could be a light in regards to extending the hands and feet of Jesus, sometimes it’s by meeting people at their greatest need,” said Pastor Jacques. 

Brown plans to pay it forward by cooking for first responders who are on the front lines of the Coronavirus.

If you know someone who you want to nominate for the Paying it Forward blessing you can go to the Church’s website here.


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