Patriotic dry cleaners clean American flags for free

A local business is showing love for their country and its flag. Their act of patriotism is "What's Right With Tampa Bay." 

Eddie Alverio and his son, Richie, have owned Eddie's Dry Cleaners for more than 20 years. "I think that we have a beautiful country and I think that everybody should appreciate give back and be kind to each other," Alveria said. 

The duo's patriotism runs deep. Their business cleans American flags for free. "It's the best country to live in," said Richie Alverio. "It's the smallest thing that we can do to show our gratitude." 

"That's the least that we could do for the people who serve for our country," Eddie Alverio explained.

Retired Brigadier General Chip Diehl was touched by the sentiment. He brought them a flag that flew over Qatar to clean. "To hear, 'Sir, we don't charge to clean the American flag,'" said Retired Brigadier General Diehl, 'We will always clean the American flag for free,' was one of the most heartwarming touching patriotic moments for me."

The Alverios' reason for cleaning the flag is simple. "Just to say thank you, that's it. To say thank you. That's one of the ways we can do it in our small business," Richie Alveria said. 

Eddie's Cleaners, honoring our soldiers and country with a true act of patriotism.