Pastor and father of ten dies after wrong-way crash on I-4

Orlando Police say they're trying to find out why a driver was going westbound on the eastbound lanes of I-4 this morning, killing one person.

Police say Orlando Rivera was driving the right way on I-4 Monday morning when another driver fatally crashed into him while driving the wrong way. It was around 3 a.m. when the crash occurred. The other driver is in the hospital. Investigators plan to do blood alcohol tests.

Northland Church Pastor Kevin Urichko says Orlando was a husband and father of 10 kids, as well as a pastor.

"We're all so devastated. Pastor Orlando has been a good friend for many years. He was actually at a church meeting last night before he left town."

It was around 3 a.m. when Orlando started his 20 hour trek to New York, where he currently works,

"Teaches theology, ministry at Nyack College. He's also a pastor and church planter. So he's started many churches including some in Orlando that still exist." 

Pastor Urichko says Orlando was a former pastor at Northland church years ago. "Hundreds if not thousands have been impacted by Orlando. As a mentor, as a minister, as a profound person."

Orlando's family is too devastated to talk after losing such an incredible soul. "It's hard to lose him. I speak on behalf of the Northland family for decades now of people who love him, care for him."

He has some advice as they mourn the loss of such a giving person. "We talk about praying for his family and helping them."

And as for losing his good friend, even Pastor Urichko says it's won't be easy, "He and I have done many funerals together. So it's going to be strange to be celebrating his life at a funeral."

The funeral will take place Sunday at Northland Church.