Parents praise tough sentence by judge for school threats

A community is praising a Spalding County juvenile court judge for cracking down on student threats of violence.

Two middle school students were arrested and had to face judge Ben Miller this week. He ordered them to wear ankle monitors, cannot leave their parents sights, must turn over all electronic devices, and not use the internet or social media.

The students were both from Rehoboth Road Middle School in Spalding County. Law enforcement has investigated a threat of violence in a letter and one made directly by a student in the class. Both incidents allegedly included the threat to shoot up the school.

“We have arrested and charged both students with making terroristic threats,” Sheriff Darrell Dix of Spalding County. Dix went on to say that parents should have their children’s’ internet and social media passwords and should be monitoring their activities online.

Parents who spoke with FOX 5 News were supportive of the judge’s tough stand, saying these types of school problems begin at home with a lack of discipline.

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