Parents concerned over needles at school bus stop

It isn't what parents expect to see as they drop their kids off at the bus stop: six hypodermic needles scattered across the grass along Pine Road in Silver Springs Shores.
Michelle Laird, a concerned parent, said, "It's just sad that I have to worry about something like that"

That was where Michelle Laird's 5-year-old daughter catches the bus.  She first spotted the needles, then talked with neighbors who called FOX 35.

"My concern, as a parent, is there's kids getting off the bus, some younger kids, their parents are not always here,” Michelle said. “I didn't feel they were safe."

Victor Lyons, a concerned neighbor, told FOX 35, "I don't want to see any of them get hurt, especially by a needle."

After we checked out the claims, we contacted the Marion County Sheriff's Office.  In less than thirty minutes, three deputies arrived and started doing the dirty work of cleaning up the dangerous mess, "so the kids don't get stuck with these needles, and they're safe,"  said Corporal Wady Sedan, with the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

They didn’t know exactly what kind of needles they are.

"They could very well be diabetic needles.  At this point, we won't know. But, the main thing is, we got them off the ground, and nobody can get hurt or poked with them," said Corporal Sedan.

The deputies safely picked up all the needles, and will dispose of them properly.  Neighbors and parents are grateful their calls for help were answered.

"I am so thankful to you, Dave, and FOX 35 for responding so quickly,"  said Lyons.  Laird added, "I'm sure the parents of the other children appreciate it as well. Thank you very much."

Laird said she is going to keep an eye out to see if any more needles show up at the bus stop.