Parents accused of child neglect after kids found home alone

The parents of three young children face serious charges, after police say the kids were left home alone.

Jessica Rojas heard the relentless cries of a baby non stop for over an hour. She knew something was wrong and when she walked over to her neighbors apartment she was stunned at what she saw.

"The children were just sitting right here on the steps, just sitting there crying, looking," Rojas explained. "We were just asking, 'Where's your mom?' He said, 'Mom went after Daddy.'"

The three very young children are just ages four, two and seven months.  Rojas said they were dirty and not wearing pants, left alone in conditions unfit for animals, let alone babies.

"They left refried beans for them to eat in a can.  The baby was full of poop, the officer had to clean the child."

And that's not all. Investigators said a gun was within reach of the children.

"Assault rifle right on the couch, in arms reach for the kids to pick up," Rojas added. 

Rojas went to the police substation next door.

"I just ran over there to the police station and got the police."

She can only imagine what the kids were thinking.

"They were scared very scared. When they seen the police come around they were frightened, very frightened. I had to pick them up and hug them and let them know it's ok."

Police arrested the kids parents Jameson Charles and Stasha Altidor. They're charged with child neglect and leaving an assault rifle within easy access of a child. Rojas wishes she would have known to step in sooner.

"We always seen the children in the window, but never thought the kids were home alone."