Paramedics, doctors work together through new app

As paramedics from the Apopka Fire Department rush patients to the emergency room at Florida Hospital Apopka, they are no sending information to nurses and doctors via an app called “Twiage.”

“It’s very quick. It gets the message to the ER within 10 to 15 seconds,” said Apopka Fire Chief Charles Carnesale.  

An iPad takes the place of a radio.  

Carnasale says tapping out information is easier and faster than getting ahold of someone in the ER.

“It frees up having to get to a radio, having to tune the channel, and give a long spiel about what the patient information is. Just a few clicks and sends it right to the ER,” he said.  

Patient information goes to the three different computers in the ER, according to hospital staff, giving more people access to the information faster.  

Paramedics can send pictures and video too.  

“The other day we were able to get an EKG. If there’s a stroke patient, we can get a picture or a video of the patient and start to work on that process,” said nurse manager Pam Davis. 

Hospital staff says that means doctors already know what to expect when the ambulance arrives and patients get into treatment faster.

Staff say Florida Hospital is the first health care system in the state to use Twiage.  

Carnesale says Apopka Fire Department is the first agency in Florida to use it.  

It is expected to roll out to other fire departments in coming months.