Pair preyed on elderly women with dementia, police say

Belle Isle police officers shared home security video of an incident, in which they say criminals were caught on camera trying to take advantage of an elderly woman with dementia.

They say a woman pretended to be the homeowner's caretaker. even though real caretaker was actually on her way to the residence.  The real caretaker told FOX 35 that when she arrived, the woman introduced herself as a nurse before driving away. 

"I think they should burn in hell. That's just how I feel," said Belle Isle City Manager Bob Francis.

Police said the woman and an accomplice -- an unidentified man --  targeted the home on Nela Avenue.

The woman repeatedly asked the homeowner if anyone else was home.  In the video, you can see as the female suspect watching TV with the victim; that's when a male suspect,, wearing gloves walks through the front door.  Police said it appeared he was looking to steal.

"I hope when they are arrested and do go to court, I hope the judge throws the book at them," Francis told FOX 35.  "The video captures what sounds like the couple using a walkie-talkie to communicate."

Moments later, the man leaves and she follows.  Police said the victim's son was watching all of this through the video's live stream option and called police. By the time officers arrived, the suspects had driven off.

The victim's caretaker said the suspects were so believable, she didn't think anyone of it. Her advice to everyone? Don't open the door and have cameras recording everything.

"Don't open the door... having cameras really helps"

if you recognize the suspects or have any information, call Crimeline at 1-800-423-TIPS (8477).