Oviedo football player in remission from rare cancer

An Oviedo High School football player is in remission after he was diagnosed with a rare pediatric cancer.

Britton Daniel, 18, was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma over the summer. The cancer forms in bones or soft tissue. Only around 250 people in the world are affected by the cancer annually. 

Daniel started treatment shortly after his diagnosis. The teen recalled his disbelief during an interview Thursday.

“It’s crazy to think about, like, this actually happened to me. I still can’t believe I had cancer,” he said. “My tumors spread all over my body, they found out, so I had it on both biceps, both femurs, both hips, the biggest one covered my whole left hip actually.”

The cancer stopped Daniel from playing his senior season of football. Since then, friends and family started the hashtag "B11Strong,” 11 being his Jersey number for football and basketball.  Daniel has received countless letters from classmates, rival schools, and even professional football players.

Funds were raised through the community to help his family pay for some of his treatments. Last week, doctors told Daniel’s family most of his tumors disappeared.

“I’m 10 chemo rounds down now and six months later and all those tumors are dead and inactive and every test has been positive in a good way,” said Daniel. 

The teen says support from his family, friends and community got him through his fight. He will undergo four more rounds of chemo in the coming months to make sure the cancer is gone. Daniel said he’s excited to go to attend prom, graduate, and go to college, where he plans to participate in intramural sports.

“I know I’m not going to be able to play in like a competitive type thing ever again, but I’m definitely going to do intramurals in college, and maybe join a fraternity and do that and I always want to do some type of sport.”