Osceola residents upset over St Cloud annexation plans

Dozens of residents who live in unincorporated parts of Osceola County say they're now being forced to be a part of the City of St. Cloud, following an annexation proposal.

"When we bought, we were surrounded by cow pastures. The city has come along, and they have allowed development, which is perfectly fine, but now they want to annex us in and require us to pay taxes for their growth," says Kathy Wood, who lives in unincorporated St. Cloud.

The City Council tabled a vote on the annexation on Thursday, saying they needed more time to consider the issue. Some residents we spoke to aren't buying it.

"I think they're going to try to wear us out. I think everybody is very upset right now and they're going to just let it flow for a little bit. I hope they actually let us know what they talk about but we'll see," Wood said.

The city wants to annex 110 acres of unincorporated land.  Residents, who currently live on that land, say it will come a cost to them in higher services -- services that some people say are sub-par.

"Our sidewalks are all broke up, all up and down the highway. He's talking about 'Oh they gotta dig out ditches' and this and that. My swell is perfect. Our drainage drains perfect. Even during the storms. St. Cloud was under water. We had nothing," said resident of unincorporated St. Cloud, Randy Ferrari.

During the meeting, the St. Cloud Mayor Nathan Blackwell said his biggest concern with this part of unincorporated St. Cloud not being annexed is safety. He said that Osceola County services are just too far to get to them. Residents we spoke to disagree.

"The county and the city have a mutual aid agreement. The traffic on our road out there is so terrible, whoever can get to us, will have to get to us," Wood said.

The council didn't set a date for a future vote on this issue.