Weary Central Florida residents prepare for another possible hurricane

Osceola County residents are filling sandbags to protect their homes from flooding. Many were already making repairs because of damage from Hurricane Ian.

"It’s very stressful! I just lost almost everything with Ian," said Wilfredo Miranda. "So I am in the process of recovering, and now it makes me very nervous."

Miranda was shoveling sand into bags on Monday, hoping to keep the water, out of his Buenaventura Lakes home. He said it already flooded during Hurricane Ian.

"I just put the dry walls up, texture. Whatever I get I don’t have flood insurance, so whatever FEMA gave me I was using the money to try to build up my home again and then, here we go another disaster coming to us."

Osceola County officials say they expect three to four inches of rain. The county’s been busy making sure drains are clear.


Osceola resident Frank Dominguez said, "I’m pretty sure everything is going to be fine. Just making sure to take precautions. Make sure water doesn’t get into the house." Castin Eliezer told us, "We feel comfortable we got to pay close attention. We want to be safe."

An Emergency Management spokesperson says everyone should access their situation based on conditions and history of their homes and remember to monitor FOX35 for the latest weather conditions. As for Wilfredo, "I’m planning to get 25 today and coming back 25 more tomorrow."

Sandbags will be available on Tuesday at Osceola Heritage Park from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Remember to bring your own shovel.