Ormond Beach faces increased vehicle thefts and break-ins

The Ormond Beach Police Department has released a public safety announcement on car break-ins, as there has been a recent spike in motor vehicle thefts and vehicle break-ins. 

These incidents often occur in the driveways of private residences and shopping complexes throughout the city. Police say that victims are leaving valuables such as purses, firearms, wallets, GPS devices, computers, and cell phones in plain view in their cars and trucks. Victims are usually leaving the vehicles unlocked too, they say.

The Ormond Beach Police Department urges you, your family, and guests to always remove valuables from vehicles and be sure to lock the doors. They also recommend the following crime prevention tips:

  • Remove all valuables from the interior of your vehicle, to include garage door remotes.
  • Always lock your vehicle and activate the alarm, if installed.
  • Park in well-lit areas.
  • Immediately report suspicious activity when you see it.

Officers are increasing their patrols as well. They ask that you help reduce crimes by rolling your windows up, locking your doors, and removing valuables from your cars and trucks.