Orlando woman bracing for Dorian twice

An Orlando woman who is visiting Puerto Rico this week is bracing for Dorian's impact not once, but twice.

As Puerto Rico braces for Dorian and Florida starts to get ready just in case, one Orlando woman visiting family in Puerto Rico fears she might get hit in both spots.

"Just trying to be positive about this and hopefully nothing will happen," said Naomi Mercado, of Orlando.

Naomi Mercado is from the island and now lives in Orlando. She flew back to Puerto Rico Monday for her niece's birthday. Now her niece might have another birthday visitor named Dorian.

"There's a lot of stress on the island because they still feel what happened last time so they're more worried than ever."

Naomi's husband, sister and mother are planning to fly down later this week. She's now not sure they will be able to because of the storm.

"I really hope they can I've been watching on the radar, watching the news."

But the bigger issue is the possibility that she and her family in Puerto Rico and her own home in Orlando might get hit by the same storm.

"It is what it is. I'm not there to prepare. If it were to go to Florida and if it were to affect us in any way, I hope that I can just, I hope that it doesn't affect me directly. But if it were, just rely on friends and family. It's all I could do," said Mercado.

Naomi plans to fly back to Orlando next Wednesday, hoping she'll still be able to and hoping she'll come back to a home that hasn't been affected by Dorian in any way.