Orlando to double red light cameras

The City of Orlando plans to add around 30 new red light cameras at more than a dozen intersections around the city. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer says what they have now is working.  "It's certainly helping. The intersections that we've had red light crashes at have seen a 65 percent reduction in crashes, so we definitely think it has been an aid."

The mayor says this is not a cash grab.  "The state intervened in this, and they talk half of the revenue so the remaining half just barely covers the program, and what revenue is not used for an increase in the number of cameras."

Council members on Monday agreed to a new five-year deal with American Traffic Solutions to operate and maintain all of the city's red light cameras. Mayor Buddy Dyer has a message for those who do not like the cameras or those who are civil libertarians.  "The easiest thing is just to comply and stop when the light turns red. You get a yellow and then a red, so if you do not run through a red light, you are not going to have any fine."

The city's contract with ATS does include an out clause if the state makes changes to its red light camera law, or bans the cameras entirely.