Orlando ranked as No. 1 city in Florida for most aggressive drivers

Orlando is the worst city in the state of Florida for aggressive drivers, a new study stated.

GasBuddy found that Orlando is the No. 1 city in Florida with the most aggressive drivers.

The findings were compiled using information from GasBuddy's Drivers feature. They examined drivers in the top 30 metropolitan areas to rank each city. The study examined the most frequent aggressive driving habits including hard braking, acceleration, and speeding.

Orlando also ranked No. 7 in the nation for the city with the most aggressive drivers.

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The study also delved into driving specifics, stating that when it comes to hard braking, Orlando ranked 19th. The City Beautiful also came in at No. 19 for acceleration incidents and No. 2 for speeding (Orlando was beaten out by San Diego in that category).

The top 10 cities for aggressive drivers are: 

  • Los Angeles
  • Philadelphia
  • Sacramento
  • Atlanta
  • San Francisco
  • San Diego
  • Orlando
  • Detroit
  • Austin
  • Las Vegas

You can see the entire list of rankings HERE.