Orlando Police propose new drone ordinance

Drone operator Carlos Amoedo with Cinedrones uses his drone to capture various events, structures and landscapes.

“Mainly commercial, commercial use video and photography,” Amoedo said.

As it stands right now, operators like Carlos flying a drone in the city of Orlando need the same permit they would need to fly a helicopter.

“It’s pretty broad and has a lot of technical requirements and so that really wasn’t appropriate for people that are flying drones, and so we decided to come up with a new ordinance,” said Austin Moore, Chief Asst. City Attorney for Orlando.

Under the proposed ordinance, operators would need to apply for a drone permit in order to fly over specific public areas within the city of Orlando, such as Lake Eola or City Hall.

“Any city venue, so the Camping World Stadium, if you’re going to go by city hall, any city park, you would need a permit to fly there, in addition to courthouses -- off limits without a permit, schools would be off limits without a permit,” said Moore.

As more and more people start flying drones, Orlando Police Department says they just want to make sure residents feel safe in public places.

“I think that’s a good thing, I think that regulation is a good thing, because I think it’s getting pretty saturated, and I think permits are a good idea,” Amoedo said.

The ordinance will have its first reading on Monday, and its second reading on December 12, where commissioners will make a final decision.