Orlando police officer who saved man from drug overdose speaks about the incident

We spoke with an Orlando police officer whose life-saving efforts were caught on camera.

Officer Danielle Torres saved a man suffering from a drug overdose.

“I think it was God’s will that I just happen to drive up on him,” Officer Torres said. “I needed to be there at that particular moment, because like I said, no one called him up for it.”

Officer Torres said the man was stumbling and sweating while standing on a median at the intersection of John Young Parkway and West Colonial Drive.

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“My gut instinct told me I had to stop him and make contact with him so I did,” Officer Torres said. The man collapsed and wasn’t breathing, so she started chest compressions. At one point, a Good Samaritan stepped in to help, taking over chest compressions while Officer Torres gave the man Narcan.

“This amazing woman says, ‘Do you need help?'” Officer Torres said. “I said, ‘Yes. I need help,’ because I knew because it was just me and I knew my backup was coming but you never know.”

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After the Narcan kicked in, the man survived and was taken to the hospital where Officer Torres got to speak with him. He said that "his words alone were, ‘I’ve never had a connection with a police officer, you’re the first officer I’ve had a connection with.’ I said, ‘Well, when I see you on the streets, I hope I can pull over and say hello.’ He said, ‘You better. I’m going to look for you.’”

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