Orlando police officer, protester have heart-to-heart moment

Demonstrations in Downtown Orlando have been relatively peaceful throughout the day on Tuesday, law enforcement agencies said.

Thousands gathered at two different locations, including Orlando City Hall and at the Orlando Police Department headquarters, where many continued to march holding signs and shouting chants for racial justice and an end to police brutality.

While there have been some heated words between protesters and police officers, as witnessed by FOX 35 News crews, there have also been some poignant moments as demonstrators have attempted to engage officers in conversation. In turn, many officers have been approachable and personable with crowds.

Some protesters expressed frustrations that they have been greeted by officers outfitted in riot gear and other protective equipment while officers explained to the protesters that the extra steps were taken for their own safety. FOX 35 News crews did witness protesters throwing water bottles at officers during demonstrations over the weekend.

FOX 35 was at the Orlando Police Department headquarters on Tuesday when a woman who was demonstrating with a crowd questioned an officer about their protective posturing before extending her hand to a police officer. That officer returned the gesture with a hug.