Orlando police look to amend laws regarding social media threats

The City of Orlando is looking to crackdown on threats made against schools on social media, following the Parkland shooting

Fox 35 reporter Dana Jay says that there is a loop hole in the current law that prevents officers from making arrests in some of these threat cases. Orlando police are coming to city hall Monday morning to ask the City Council to change that.

Right now, Dana Jay says that unless someone admits to making a threat against the school or making a threat against a specific person, cops cannot arrest them. Police Chief John Mina says that they have been trying to solve this problem since before the tragedy in Parkland occurred and that this has a lot to do with social media.

Mina believes that making those making the hoax threat are certainly scaring the public, but could also do something dangerous down the line.

"We want to make sure that person is identified, that person is arrested, that person has to go before a judge, and maybe gets the help that they need. We also want to do a little further investigation to who this person is and why they made the threat," says Orlando Police Chief John Mina.

The Florida Legislative is looking at making a similar change. If the law is passed, it will go into effect in July.