Orlando Police and Parramore residents march in show of unity

Orlando Police and people living in the city's Parramore neighborhood, took to the streets on Saturday in a show of unity, marching with a purpose. "We're here to support you. We're a part of this community, and we all need to be in this together," Orlando Police Chief Eric Smith told the crowd.

Community leaders in 0range County have been speaking out against juvenile crime. This "stop the violence" walk comes after several teens were shot and killed, including one outside a football game at Orlando’s Jones High School, late last year. "It came from the pastors coming together, seeing that there was a lot of violence, more so murders taking place in the community," said Orlando City Commissioner Regina Hill.

Organizers hope the event will bring law enforcement and residents closer together. The march is named in honor of the late Lt. Debra Clayton, who was a member of the Orlando Police. Clayton lost her life in January 2017, when she was gunned-down in the line of duty in a Walmart parking lot.

Clayton's husband Seth, and son led the marchers. They say she would be proud of their message of unity. "She wanted to let the community know that police officers and the community know that if they came together, they could help each other out, and help stop some of this crime that's going on," Clayton said.

Organizers say they're planning to make the march an annual event. They marched from Exploria Stadium, past Orlando Police Headquarters, to Lake Lorna Doone Park. At the park were games, food, free haircuts, and entertainment. Visitors, some of whose lives had been touched by violence, say the partnership is the way to move forward.

"We have to make change today," said visitor Tamekia Haynes, "so this is for my son who we lost last year, as well as 22 others who have been lost, and all of the great policemen and staff that actually serves the community."