Orlando planning to spend millions to beautify Lake Lorna Doone Park

The City of Orlando is planning to spend big bucks to help beautify Lake Lorna Doone Park. City leaders say that it is about time the park gets a face lift, but it comes with a price tag of $8 million.

Lake Lorna Doone Park sits next to Camping World Stadium. The city plans to work with 'Florida Citrus Sports Events' to make the improvements. The changes to the park include a playground, a new pathway around the lake, a fountain, and a splash pad. 

The park has seen it's share of trouble though, as a man was killed there in a shooting in January. However, it's still a source of pride for the neighborhood and volunteers have worked to maintain it.

If the City Council approves the plans on Tuesday, the city will pay $5 million for the improvements. Florida Citrus Sports will kick in the other $3 million.