Orlando mother Michelle Parker's disappearance hits 5 year anniversary

Thursday marked a solemn anniversary:  it has been five years since 30-year-old Michelle Parker vanished. 

"I think about Michelle probably 10 times a day, but but today is especially hard, because it's five years and it's too long and we don't have closure," said Yvonne Stewart, Michelle's mom.  

Stewart acknowledges she may never get the closure of knowing for sure what happened to her daughter. 

"I wish we could do that day over."

She's talking about the day her daughter dropped her twins off at fiancé Dale Smith's house, and hasn't been seen since.  ..and hasn't been seen since.

"I know that Michelle is in heaven. I know that she's dead," said Stewart. 

But not in the eyes of the law, police still call this a missing persons case, and, they call Smith their only suspect. 

"I can live with the fact that heaven has her, that she's at peace. I can't live with the fact that her children are here, the twins, they're 8-and-a-half now, and they haven't seen Michelle's family in four years," said Stewart.

Smith got full custody of the twins after Michelle vanished, then cut off visitation by Michelle's family.   Stewart battled back, campaigning  for a grandparents bill of rights bill.   Under that law, she's suing smith. The case was filed one year ago. 

"I just want to see the kids and visit with them and let them know that we're here and we love them and tell them about their mom, how much she loved them... all the pictures I have on my computer all the pics I have on their camera…how much she loved them. What a great mom she is, was," said Stewart.

While shes shattered by the belief that she'll never hug her daughter again, Stewart says getting her arms around two living breathing pieces of Michelle's legacy will help fill the hole left in her heart. 

"We'll get there one day. We will," said Stewart.