'I was terrified!': Florida mom says stranger attacked her as she arrived at park with young children

An Orlando, Florida mother says she wanted to bring her young children to the park for the very first time together. Instead, she says she was attacked by a stranger in the parking lot. 

Deputies say it's not the first time there's been trouble at Rose Place Park in Orange County. Byuanni Caro says a man started threatening her and her family after she arrived at the park a few days ago.

"I’m just like, ‘Pease! Please don’t! My babies are in the car! Please don’t do this!’" she explains.  "He has this rock … and he’s coming to throw it at my car. Then he moves and throws, and it hits, and I, out of reaction, just look this way and next thing you know I’m getting hit."

She says the man punched her in the face, leaving a small bruise by her eye, and continued to yell at her. "He was very aggressive. He was saying things like he didn’t like me, and he was saying things like ‘Screw you, you Hispanics and Puerto Ricans!’ as if we said things about him." 

She says he also mentioned having a gun. "After he did this and my father fought him away, I’m screaming my lungs out at my father saying get in the car because I’m terrified that this guy is going to come around and shoot at us."


Orange County sheriff's deputies are investigating. They say on July 6, there was a similar attack, where a man yelled at a woman and kicked her car. It’s unclear if the incidents are related. 

"Somebody was attacked like I was." 

Caro says a deputy arrived at the scene after she called for help. "She said herself that it tends to be a high-crime park. So if that’s a very high-crime park, why aren’t there any cameras out there?" 

According to the Orange County Parks and Recreation manager, there are no plans to install surveillance cameras at Rose Place Park. FOX 35 continues to ask why. Some park goers we spoke to say there should be a surveillance camera here. 

Byanni’s warning others to beware, "I was terrified, I was so terrified. I’ve never been so scared like that for my life."

Deputies say they do patrol the park on a regular basis.
If you have any information about this suspect call Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS.