Orlando leaders tackle loophole around school threats on social media

Orlando city leaders are taking action to stop school threats. They are focusing their attention today on a loophole that prevents police from investigating school threats. 

Currently, police cannot arrest someone if they make a threat against a school on social media. A loophole in the law only allows police to act if that person admits its a hoax.

On Monday, Orlando City Council will vote on an ordinance, effectively turning threats into disorderly conduct. 

Orlando Police Chief John Mina in February said that this action was needed.

"We want to make sure that person is identified, that person is arrested, that person has to go before a judge and maybe gets the help that they need, and also do a little bit further investigation as far as who this person is and why they made that threat," said Chief Mina.

Also in February, Orlando's City Commission took similar action.