Orlando International Airport to suspend flights on Wednesday ahead of Ian's arrival

Orlando International Airport will be stopping commercial flights from flying out starting 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday. Many passengers we spoke to at the airport on Tuesday were anxious to leave. 

"It’s a little nerve-racking because obviously everybody seems to be getting out," said Adrian Adams. His daughter Addie agreed, adding, "I’m kind of nervous, but I feel like it’s one of those Florida things." 

They're preparing to fly home to Indiana. "Those that were scheduled for the next couple of days, now flights have been canceled," he said. 

Canceled, as the airport prepares to stop all commercial flights. "So that means we’re going to cease having airplanes leaving the airport, that’s our last call basically, and then we start the focused effort of clearing out this airport," a spokesperson told FOX 35 News.

No one will be allowed to ride out the hurricane at OIA. If they try, airport officials say they’ll be taken to an official shelter for safety. Some evacuees from Tampa were happy to find a flight out of Orlando.

"At least I can get home, and they were clearing everyone out at Tampa. I had no choice but to leave," said Patricia Burson. "They said if I didn’t do it today I probably wouldn’t get out till Saturday or Sunday," said Passenger Bonita Morency.

While Hurricane Ian is on the minds of many, Adrian is also worried about something else that could affect his travel plans.  "If they start bumping flights out, because of lightning they can’t take off, then the last place I want to get stuck at is the airport. I’d rather stay at Disney," he said with a laugh.

Airport officials are reminding travelers to check with their airline and car rental companies for storm updates.