Orlando doctor thanking nurses during pandemic

A doctor with Orlando Health is finding ways to thank nurses amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Dr. Daniel Landau wanted to do something special for fellow nurses at Orlando Health's Cancer Center.

He used social media to raffle off gifts to nurses, including gift cards and baskets to local restaurants and coffee shops.

Dr. Landau also donated two tickets to Walt Disney World to be used when the parks reopen. 

"A lot of stress, a lot of anxiety," Landau said.  "We're there every day. We want to take care of our patients. We want to give the best care that we can, but there's a lot of anxiety that goes along with that."

Knowing it's a stressful time, Dr. Landau is working to thank those on the frontlines during this pandemic.

"I see the toll it's taking on people I work with so any opportunity to just give them that short break, it meant a lot to me as I think it meant a lot to them also," Dr. Landau said.