Orlando doctor shot during office robbery, police say

An Orlando area doctor is on the mend after Orange County sheriffs deputies say he was shot in his Pine Hills office, while seeing a patient early Tuesday evening.  

“He’s just an amazing human being, and I just can’t believe this,” said Awilda, whose family has been treated by Dr. Ashok Khanna for the last 25 years.  News of the incident brought her to tears. “I’m just so sad to hear it. He’s amazing. I love Dr. Khanna like a family member. I’m so sorry to hear this.”

Investigators say two masked gunmen barged into this office at 5:41 p.m. Tuesday, ordered a man in the waiting room with his young daughter stay put.   According to the incident report, another witness told deputies Dr. Khanna was writing a note for work when the suspects rushed in and yelled, "Give me the money!”

When the doctor said he didn’t have any more cash, a witness said the gunman yelled, “You’re going to die, today,” then reached into  Dr. Khanna’s pocket grabbed his wallet and took his cash.  Angry the doctor didn’t have more money on him, deputies said one suspect threw a laptop on the floor, before shooting the doctor in the leg. 

“I don’t see anyone not liking Dr. Khanna. He’s a great doctor and a wonderful human being,” said Awilda.

Witnesses told police both suspects had guns and were wearing masks, gloves and dark clothing.  Both were described as black men, standing approximately 6 feet, 2 inches tall.   One witness told investigator she heard tires screeching seconds after the suspects left, but did not see the car.