Orlando club creates social distance 'pods' on dance floor 

The Beacham in Downtown Orlando is getting creative to keep its customers safe.  

The club owners created social distance pods inside the club to make sure people stay in their groups and stay apart from others.

"It forces people to social distance because they get inside their pod, there are barricades and for lack of a better word, they’re locked in,"  said Co-Owner of The Beacham John SanFelippo. "That's the way we’re going to attempt to let people come in, still enjoy themselves and have a little freedom as far as standing up and moving around." 

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The Beacham will have social distance enforcers on staff to make sure people are staying apart. They'll also check all customers' temperatures before entering the nightclub. 

"We’re going to do whatever it takes to keep us moving forward and keep the industry up and running," said SanFelippo. 

The Department of Business and Professional Development announced last week that bars and nightclubs can reopen at 50 percent capacity Monday. Owners say they're trying to do their part to stay open and are asking customers to help them in those efforts. 

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"We need to bring this energy back to downtown Orlando and let people know we want you here, but you have to follow these guidelines if you want us to stay open," said SanFelippo.