Orange County working to keep pets cool

Orange County Animal Services is getting some much-needed help to cool off their pets. 

Walking through the dog area of Orange County Animal Services on a hot July day, you can feel why the county wants to improve air circulation and ventilation.

"The safety and the health and the well-being of these animals are what is our top priority," said Samantha Holsten, a spokesperson for Orange County Animal Services.

Animal Services pointed out the new fans it recently installed to help circulate the air inside. This comes after it install a ventilation system for $450,000 back in 2017, an investment Commissioners approved after learning the building, built in 1987, had a ventilation system that moved air but did not produce cool air for the hundreds of dogs living there.

Now, more improvements are planned.

"We'll be painting on the roof of the dog kennel building a white reflective paint which will help lower the surface temperature of the roof, and will hopefully be cooling internally in the building," said Holsten.

As far as air conditioning, Animal Services spokesperson Samantha Holsten says the building is not equipped for it. Three years after the initial discussion about the heat in the building, they say they are still looking into building a new facility for Animal Services.

"I believe that's still I discussion and in the works so hopefully we'll have some updates very soon."