Orange County teachers hope for a 'no' vote on new contracts

On Monday, the results of a big vote regarding teacher contracts will come out. 

Hundreds of teachers have spoken out against the new contracts, stating that the raises are small in comparison to the increased cost of living and family health insurance. Some say that they will take home even less pay than they did last year and that this is the lowest pay increase in three years.

Many hope that the vote tally is a 'no' on the new contract. For example, Mark Nolan, who has taught in Orange County for the last 28 years, is part of the ground of more than 3,000 teachers advocating for a no vote on the contract. 

"This is taking such a bite out of people financially. It has drawn them out very strongly," he said. "These young teachers are working part-time jobs to try to make ends meet with their families. They're going to be hit with a really tough choice. Can I afford to work in this industry with these type of situations?"

As voting draws to a close, teachers like Nolan are urging their colleagues to vote if they have not already.