Orange County shelter still housing dozens of Irma victims

Even though Hurricane Irma has passed, at least one shelter in Orange County remains open as victims of the storm try to figure out what to do next.

Patricia Munnerlyn walked outside the Barnett Park shelter with her dog Lily. She and her husband, Travis, were rescued from their flooded home on Sunday and have been in shelters ever since.

"This is our third shelter ,and it's the best one I've been in," Travis said.  "I slept on the floor in three shelters, with no blanket, no pillow.  My hips are so sore I can hardly touch them."

County administrators said they received a few complaints about shelter stays. However, they're looking on how to make improvements.

"There was definitely enough food and water. Was it optimal? I would say not in some cases," said Orange County Public Safety Director George Ralls. "We also had other places that lost air conditioning or trouble with plumbing.  It's just not the majority of cases.  These are the handfuls of some of the problems that we have. We can plan better next time, expect these things to happen."

In all, approximately 4,600 people stayed in Orange County shelters, and now 77 are left not knowing where to go.  

"Sewer water in the house; it's all contaminated," Travis explained.  "No insurance."

The shelter administrator said she will keep the facility open as long as it is needed.