Orange County residents could be wearing masks until a vaccine is developed, official warns

Central Florida leaders are urging people to get used to their face masks as they will be around for the foreseeable future as the race to find a vaccine continues.

Orange County officials said that it may take the development of a vaccine before they consider lifting the county's mask order. 

"If the mayor were to ask me, and he has not, when to lift the security order, I'd say when we have a vaccine," County Health Director Dr. Raul Pino explained. However, even if a vaccine happened early next year, the mask mandate would likely stick until the spring.

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He also warned that if people do not lineup to take the vaccine, that could also affect the timeline. He said "we have to be hopeful that people are going to get vaccinated. Are people going to be receptive to the vaccine? That's the first question."

Dr. Pino said that first responders and people in assisted-living facilities would likely be the first to get the vaccine.


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