Orange County Commission votes to designate portion of Orlando roads in honor of fallen officers

Orlando Police Lieutenant Debra Clayton and Orange County Sheriff's Deputy Norm Lewis' close colleagues stood watch Tuesday morning as the Orange County Commissioners unanimously agreed to designate some stretches of Orlando roads for both who were killed earlier this year.
Commissioner Victoria Siplin with the Orange County Commissioner said  "When we do this, we should not focus on how they died, but how they lived their lives."
Already approved by state legislature, State Road 438 between John Young Parkway and Pine Hills Road will be known as "Lieutenant Debra Clayton Memorial Highway." Deputy Orlando Police Chief Robert Anzueto knew her well.
Deputy Chief Robert Anzueto, with the Orlando Police Department "It's gonna remember all the positives. It's gonna remember what she did in the community."
Also legislature approved, Pine Hills Road between Silver Star Road and Colonial will be designated "Deputy First Class Norm Lewis Memorial Highway," in honor of Orange County Sheriff's Master Deputy Michael Johnson's friend, Deputy Norm Lewis.
Master Deputy Michael Johnson, with the Orange County Sheriff's Office said "A small token of an appreciation for the community to rename the street is an honor and a blessing."
Comissioner Victoria Siplin added "Hopefully as people travel Silver Star Road and down Pine Hills Road, that they will see those names and remember how they lived their lives."
Lives full of joy, love, and service to Central Floridians.
The county says there's no set time on when the designation will happen, but they hope to have it started in a month or so.