Orange County cat burned in house fire looking for new home: 'It's amazing she survived at all'

In the wake of a tragic house fire comes the miraculous story of Hope, a 2-year-old cat who managed to make it out alive. Now, Orange County Animal Services is working to find the sweet cat a new home. 

On Monday, the animal shelter received a call from a neighbor who said they found a cat that survived a nearby house fire. That neighbor held onto the cat, which was burned in the blaze, until animal officers arrived. 

Vets moved quickly to treat the cat, who is recovering but still has a long road ahead – which is why the animal shelter decided to name her Hope. 

While Hope is sweet and gentle, she's "incredibly frightened," Orange County Animal Services said. 

Photo: Orange County Animal Services

"It's amazing she survived at all, and our vets are still treating her for her injuries," animal officers said. "For now we're keeping her in special housing, to give her a chance to heal, both inside and out."

The animal shelter shared photos of the cat on social media in the hopes that someone falls in love with her and brings her home. 

"We're hoping that someone sees her, and comes to take her home," Orange County Animal Services wrote. "We're hoping that she captures someone's heart, and they're willing to hold her and care for her while she recovers. We're holding on to Hope, because she's made it through an incredible ordeal, and she is going to need patience, time and a lot of love. 

Photo: Orange County Animal Services

"She is going to bear the scars of this traumatic event for a long time, so she is going to need the right person and the right heart.

"Let's get her seen. Let's get her home."

It remains unclear if the owners of the house have been contacted about their potentially missing cat. 


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Anyone interested in adopting Hope is urged to contact Orange County Animal Services at 407-836-3111.