Online shopping tips for holiday gifts

The National Retail Federation says online shopping is the way most are buying gifts for the holidays. Experts say, just like with traditional shopping, there are some tips and tricks to follow when you're shopping online that'll save you money.

“Certainly there's tone of deals to be had, and it takes a little bit of research and homework,” says marketing expert Tom Jelneck, president of On-Target Marketing. 

Jelneck says the most important thing is to have a plan. “Before you start shopping map it out, plan ahead, go online, look at competitors, size them up against each other.”

It’s important to be smart about shipping, according to Jelneck. “A lot of them are clearly enunciated on their website, saying free two-to-three-day shipping. Those are the things I like to look out for.”

Jelneck says there's also tricks when it comes to your online shopping carts. Put your purchases in there - but don't buy them.

“That retailer may come back to you in a couple of days and I tell you what - since you didn't buy today, we're going to offer you another 5 percent or 10 percent because they want to move this merchandise.”

He says you can keep your shopping carts full till the sale prices kick-in.

“If you start 3 or 4 days ahead of time, ahead of the sales, they will apply the sales coming up to that cart.”

Jelneck says shopping with a credit card is also safer and more secure than with a debit cart.