One dead and trailer is a total loss after fire breaks out

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One man is dead after a massive fire tore through a home, east of Orlando. Lynsey Zayas lives nearby and said she heard an explosion around 6:30, this morning.

“I heard the big boom and I opened my front door,” Zayas recalled, “as soon as I looked out my front door there was huge black smoke and fire so I ran over to my mother's house, and I said 'Mom, get up!'"

Zayas saw her neighbor’s house being devoured by a raging fire. Zayas says the next thing she did was grab her garden hose. “Out here,” she said, “when you don't have fire hydrants and stuff you have to have hoses ready. You have to. That's like the number one thing.”

Firefighters say three people lived in the house, and they accounted for two of them. They say a third man died in the fire. They were also worried about starting a brush fire, which could threaten the whole neighborhood.

“That was one of our concerns,” said Jose Flores, OCFR Battalion Chief, “so one of the first things we did was put extra hose lines on the ground to keep the area around the house wet, so we don't start a brush fire. We were successful at doing that.”

Fox 35 reporter Matt Trezza was on scene and said that since there was not any hydrants on scene, firefighters used a tub to pump flame retardants on the fire. 

Firefighters say it's an ongoing investigation. They say the Fire Marshal's Office is involved with finding out how this deadly fire started.