Officials: 5-month-old mauled to death by family dog

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The unthinkable occurred at a Clayton County home where police said a 5-month old girl was mauled to death by a German Shepherd, a family pet.

It happened inside an unassuming brick duplex on Watts Road at the edge of Forest Park.

“It’s real sad cause I found out it was a baby that was mauled,” said Rochita Redding, a neighbor.

Clayton County Police told FOX 5 News they responded to the home early Sunday morning when a frantic 911 caller was unable to say exactly what was wrong.

“As far as I know the dog killed the baby that’s what was said I don’t know too much,” said Christashia Sanders, one of the neighbors.

Police said family members of the little girl told them she was left in a bed to sleep and was in the care of her mother’s roommate while the mother left for a few hours.

Investigators said when the mother returned she discovered her roommate had fallen asleep and found her little girl mauled to death in another room.

“I mean it’s sad how are you not paying attention. It’s a baby,” said Sanders.

Police told FOX 5 News the family told them the dog had been around the baby since the little girl was born and had never shown any aggression toward the baby or anyone else in the home.

Neighbors said the man who lives at the home was often seen with the infant and the German Shepherd.

“Usually I see him walking with the baby and the German Shepherd. He be walking the dog and holding the baby. He’s a real nice guy,” said Redding.

The German Shepard was taken by animal control and euthanized.

Police said the investigation determined no charges will be filed in the tragic death of the little girl.

“I just hope everything works out for the family and pray for them really,” said Redding.

No one was home at the duplex when FOX 5 News stopped by. FOX 5’s George Franco reached out to a family believed connected to the case but never heard back.