Officer who shot 15-year-old Jordan Edwards said he feared for his partner's safety

Former police officer Roy Oliver’s account of the deadly shooting in Balch Springs has been released in court documents.

Oliver shared his story of what happened in response to a civil lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed by the father of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards.

The Mesquite High School freshman was in a car that was leaving a party in Balch Springs in April. Oliver shot into the car and first claimed it was coming toward him.

In his response to the civil suit, Oliver said he was backing up another officer. He said they heard six to 10 gunshots as they were investigating the party.

The former officer said he saw the car leaving and his partner ordered it to stop. He claims the car accelerated and passed him.

Oliver said his partner was just a few inches from the car. He saw movement in the back seat and heard breaking glass near his partner. He fired three to five shots from about 10 to 15 feet away because he feared for himself and others.

Oliver’s response also claimed that gunshot residue was forensically discovered on the Jordan’s back left hand and that one or more of the car occupants had associated with or been a gang member. He claimed one or more of the car occupants handled a firearm on the evening in question and fired a weapon on the day in question.

“What is surprising is the allegations he is making about gang affiliation with these kids about the gun residue,” said Dallas attorney and FOX News Legal Contributor Yoti Tewolde.

The attorney, who is not involved in the case, says she questions the alleged handling and firing of a gun by any of the teens as outlined in Oliver's filing.

“Why didn't we hear about that if that were the case?” she said. “Why are we hearing about it months and months later? That doesn't make any sense.”

“What he has smartly done through his legal team is to point to other elements that are blame worthy,” explained high profile trial attorney Victor Vital, who is not involved in the case. “What he has done in the civil case, and we know it’s coming in the criminal case, where he takes a position of righteousness not by pointing a finger at young Jordan Edwards, but the people that Jordan Edwards was associating with.”

Vital says Oliver is creating a counter narrative “where the public the judge and most importantly the finder of fact the jury will look at something other than him.”

The lawsuit claims Oliver used excessive force and has a history of anger issues. His partner did not fire any shots.

Oliver was indicted for murder and aggravated assault this week as part of the criminal investigation.