Officer misinterprets text from boss, sends selfie instead of photo of damaged car

Gulfport Police 

An honest mistake between a Mississippi officer and his boss through a text message conversation has gone viral. 

According to the Gulfport Police Department, the officer texted his sergeant to say he had been in a small accident.

"Hey Sgt. I just hit a pothole with my patrol car and tore the front end off," he begins in a text message. 

"Are you ok?" the sergeant asks. 

"Yes sir."

"Ok send me a picture."

Well, instead of sending a photo of the damaged patrol car, the officer took a smiling selfie. 

"Of the damage…," the sergeant replied. 

"My bad," the officer said. 

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The photo has been shared over 27,000 times. 

Viewers found the mix-up endearing. 

"Great young man right there. Always doing as asked!" wrote one person.

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Another commenter said, "Thank you, officer, for giving us all a good chuckle. Stay safe and thank you for your service!!"

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