Officer directs traffic in purple wig after losing bet to student

A Woodstock police officer made good on a bet he lost to an elementary school student. 

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Earlier this school year, Officer Bonebrake told Bryan, a Woodstock Elementary School fifth-grader, that if he got his grades up, he would do anything the student asked of him. 

As the school year came to an end, Bryan was happy to show Officer Bonebrake his report card, which "proudly" reflected straight As. 

"Bryan knew exactly what he wanted Officer Bonebrake to do," Woodstock Police said on Facebook. "Direct traffic at Woodstock Elementary School in a purple wig." 

Woodstock Police shared a video of Officer Bonebrake directing traffic in the wig Thursday morning. 

"Buses full of students and parents dropping kids off loved Officer Bonebrake's bright purple wig." 

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