Off-duty firefighter saves off-duty police officer in Port Orange

An off-duty firefighter saved an off-duty police officer in Port Orange on Friday.

The Daytona Beach Fire Department says that on Friday, while at a gym in Port Orange, off-duty Daytona Beach Firefighter James Axiotis noticed a group of gym-goers gathering around an unresponsive male. He ran over and found the man laying on the ground, not breathing.

They say that Axiotis immediately began performing CPR and instructed a bystander to bring him the AED. He delivered a shock to the male, who appeared to be in cardiac arrest and was able to successfully get his pulse back. 

The male that was revived was reportedly off-duty Daytona Beach Peace Officer Sean Walker. He was transported to the hospital, where a cardiologist credited quick action by Axiotis and immediate CPR for his survival. 

Officer Walker is said to be currently recovering at home and is expected to make a full recovery.